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Terms & Conditions

1. Should you cancel a booking without giving 24 hours’ notice, we will charge you as if the service has been rendered.

2. DLTC and all other cost related to the PrDP Applications may change without notice and the client agree to pay the difference in price (normal annually price increases) due to sudden increase to any of these costs.

3. If you booked a date for us to take you to any DLTC for a PrDP Application and you don’t cancel 24 hours before the time, the fee Quoted/Invoiced for such service will be payable and the process of getting a date to visit the DLTC for the application will start from step 2 again as explained in our “ HOW DO WE DO IT” section.

4. No refunds will be given for any payments you have made to us, or services booked and cancelled for whatever reason. No credit may be transferred from one client to another.

5. PrDP Solutions will not be held responsible for any injuries, loss or damage of any kind for whatever reason that may occur to any client or their property. The client/employer do hereby release PrDP Solutions from all such claims.

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