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Complete the following steps to apply for your PrDp (Professional Driving Permit)

PDP Solutions is all about making the worlds transport and delivery systems more professional and more managable. 

Unlike the old public driving permit (PDP), which was only required by drivers of public carrier vehicles, the professional driving permit (PrDP) is also required by drivers employed by companies carrying their own goods. Drivers of the following vehicles must hold a licence card, endorsed with an appropriate PrDP. 
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Step 1

Complete the Registration page on our website, see link with all the necessary and correct details. If you currently have a Driver’s License Card with a PrDP on it take a clear picture and email / submit it through our email addres. If you do not have a valid PrDP and its your first application then take a picture of your ID book details and email to us.

Step 2

PDP Solutions will then get you the “online booking” on the RTMC website (Let us refer to this, in a more correct descriptive context ….We will secure you a date and time to visit the Driver License Testing Centre (DLTC) We do this by logging onto the RTMC ( Road Traffics Managements Corporation ) website on a regular base to see if there is any available slots to secure for the PrDP renewals and new applications from certain preferred used DLTC. 99% of the time there is ZERO availability. )

Once we have been successful in Pre Booking a date and time to visit the DLTC we will schedule this onto our calendar and notify you of such date and time. You then need to ensure you arrange approx. 2-4 hours for us to assist with the process.

Step 3

Prepare yourself for our meeting with the following:

Id book + certified copy
****4 ID photo or R60 so we can help you to take some before we go inside the DLTC building 
****Eye Test Certificate obtained from any Optometrist or Specsavers for the PrDP Application purpose
****Medical Examination with a Certificate of approval 
****R324 Application fee Debit/Credit Card as most DLTC do not handle cash anymore 
Complete the attach form or print and bring with to our meeting so we can assist
****Many times included in our services and quotes depending on each institute or individuals need and preferences

Step 4

We will collect you on our Pre Selected day to visit the DLTC and assist with transport to the DLTC as well as getting the medical examination, eye test and photos done if not arranged beforehand.

Step 4 Continues...

At the DLTC we will assist with the completion of the necessary application forms and submit the appropriate documents for your application.

After the application is completed we will get a Ref nr for the Finger Print Clearance of which an administrations fee need to be paid. This need to be done at ABSA in person and form part of our services as well. Once the payment at the bank is done it activate the Police Clearance on your fingerprints for any criminal record. This clearance process can take anything between 7-14 days and the applicant will receive a sms notification of their fingerprint being successfully cleared. The applicant can then return to the DLTC if needed to get a temporary PrDP issues until they can collect their actual New Driver's License Card with the PrDP noted on the card. This process normally takes between 4-8 weeks.

The PrDP is valid for a period of 2 years and we strongly suggest that you make contact with us about 2 months before the expiry of such, so we can ensure we submit a new application for PrDP before the current one expiry.

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